TP-Link router setup (

Tp-link router setup is a easy access through this web interface ( of the tp link router. The web interface helps you in accessing  all the features and settings of the router in an appropriate manner. The web interface of the Tp-link router is the key to adjust any type of setting and update any kind of software with the help of this web management page of the router.

Tp-link experts have taken great care of the convenience of the consumer. They have linked the web interface of these routers with a separate link i.e this link is not only used to operate the setup wizard of the Tp-link routers but also being utilized for accessing the advanced settings of the routers.

One can also use the local IP address of the router instead of to log in to the router. Most users use to retrieve the Tp-link router login page of these routers. As IP address is hard to memorize because of their numerical values and dots, that’s the reason, users find it convenient to use the above link instead of the IP address.

Setup TP-LINK AC1900 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router Archer C9 (

Features of the Tp-link Archer C9 router-

Efficient Wi-Fi Coverage- Three powerful antennas with strengthening dual-band frequency are attached to cover the Wi-Fi signals from every corner to deliver to your router. This gives you the convenience to sit on any couch or choose any favorite corner of your house to deliver the functionality to your routers.

Media sharing- This Tp-Link router is embedded with two USB ports. One is of 3.0 and another one is of 2.0 to successfully to deliver the high speed of data transfer rate to any media or device.

Mobile Interface- Tp-link has provided us even with the interface of mobile to easily access the settings of your Wi-Fi router with your handy Smartphone. The mobile interface is easy to access and convenient to open with the help of which you can manage your router anytime from anywhere. Mobile application of this device is embedded with the essential features and characteristics of the router with which we can easily control our device in a magnificent manner.

Lifetime service and Warranty of 2 years - Tp-link router is not only full of qualities but also durable by satisfying the needs of all the customers all around the globe.  They have their warranty for 2 years within which the user can replace his device if he find any issue in it.

tplink router mtu settings

How do I reduce or increase the MTU size on my TP-Link Router?

These are the steps which will change the MTU settings of the Tp-link router

  1. Open the web browser and type on the address bar of the browser.
  2. Type the username and the password of the router. Type the default username and the password in case you haven’t set it up.
  3. Select Network and then WAN located on the left side. Select WAN connection Type for the type of Internet connection.
  4. If necessary, change the MTU size from the settings of your router.
  5. Make sure that WAN type of connection should be PPPoE by clicking on the Advanced button and checking it.
  6. Click Save button to apply the settings you have applied.

Best MTU Size- 1492, 1472, 1462

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How to change the password of the Tp-link router

Try to keep the password of your Tp-link router memorizable and easy to predict by yourself. Tp-link router does not allow any user to recover the password in case if he has forgotten it.

In case the user has forgotten the password and can’t be able to memorize it, then the only and last option is to reset the Tp-link router back to its default settings. These default settings will allow the user to login to the router with the help of the default password. The default password of the Tp-link router is “admin”. The default username of the router is also “admin

NOTE-The reset process will not only leads to the default password but also eliminates the bugs and threats from your router.

tplink router login

How To Log Into TP-Link Router Settings?

Tp-link router login page is accessed by the web interface of the Tp-link router. The web interface of the tp link router can be accessed by or

Here are the Tp login router steps.

  1. Connect your Ethernet Cable with the modem, router and your system as well.
  2. Now open the browser in your desktop.
  3. Type on the URL of the browser. You can also type the local IP address of the Tp-link of the router.
  4. Tp-link router login page will appear.
  5. Fill up the login credentials consisting of the username and the password. Be cautious while typing them as both are case-sensitive.
  6. Type the default password in case if you haven’t set up the new password. The default password of the tp link router is “admin”

NOTE-After following all the above methods you will successfully be able to login to your tp link router.

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These are the steps to reset the Tp-link router

Make Sure you remove all the ethernet cables and just leave the power adapter in.

  • Locate A pin or paper clip which is going to be used as an equipment to reset your router.
  • Now locate the reset button behind your Tp-link router that will probably beside the Ethernet Port of the router.
  • Hold that button for about 12 seconds until the Power LED of your router doesn’t blink and then comes to a solid state.
  • It will properly reset your Tp-link router and then try the new password while logging in to your router.