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Tplinkwifi.net: Tplink AC1900 router login and setup guide

Tplink ac 1900 router login and setup

Tplink is known as one of the best wireless as well as wired networking devices manufacturers. Tplink has always been trying to make the Tplink router setup and configuration an easy process; therefore they have developed some of the convenient methods for accessing their devices. These conventional methods for their router access include this custom web address of tplinkwifi.net and the TPlink Tether application.

setup tplinkwifi.net

Tplink AC1900 router login

Tplink router login can be done through either of the two ways i.e. through their custom web link of tplinkwifi.net or through the tp link’s default assigned IPs which is and Now, let us focus on the TPlink router login via tplinkwifi.net.

Below is the detailed and step by step guide for getting your Tplink router logged in and configured. However, some important tips need to be kept in mind while performing the Tplink setup.

Essential hardware and software requirements for the Tplink router setup and login

  1. Existing modem
  2. Ethernet cables (preferably two or more than two)
  3. Power supply cord and user manual
  4. Tplink Ac1900 router software CD (if available)
  • Now, just unbox your Tplink AC1900 router and connect it to its power source with the help of the power cord and wait for it to boot up and get stable.
  • Now, just connect your modem to this TPlink router with the help of an Ethernet cord, you just need to connect the modem to the router in each other’s WAN port and wait for a second or two.
  • Similarly, connect your computer system to one of the available LAN ports on your Tplink router with the help of another LAN cable and again wait for a few seconds till the whole of the devices gets stable enough for configuration. You will see a LAN LED getting stable after blinking.
  • Now that all the hardware is connected properly and is stable, what you need to do is open the web browser on your computer system and enter the web link net in the address bar of the browser and press enter.
  • Provide the default login credentials in the Tplink router login window. The default login values are “admin” and “password” for most of the Tplink devices.
  • Now, select “router configuration” or “ADMIN>WAN setup” tabs whichever is applicable.
  • Select the appropriate connection type as PPPoE from the drop-down list of connections available in it. PPPoE connection type is applicable only if you have a DSL internet connection and you may also be required to quote in the ISP provided username and password in the fields required.
  • Click “enable wireless” and then click “save and apply”. This will apply all the changes written in the router‘s memory. Now, click the “reboot now” button to make all the changes effective on the router and in this way your Tplink AC1900 router will be configured to the latest required settings.

tplink ac 1900 setup

 What if I forgot the Tplink login password?

Well, in the case where you have completely forgotten your Tplink router loginpassword, what you will be required to do is just go for the TPlink router reset. But before, you opt for the factory reset of your Tplink AC1900 router; remember that the default login password for Tplink router is either “admin” or “password” in lower case letters.

 How to hard reset my TPLink AC1900 router?

Though these wireless networking devices like Tplink ac1900 wifi router from Tplink are much efficient and reliable and there are many lesser occasions where you will need to hard reset back to its factory settings. But still if you need to factory reset this Tplink router, let us show you how it can be done. There are mainly two methods i.e. the reset via the reset button provided on the router and other is via logging into the router through tplinkwifi.net and then resetting it. But in the event where you have forgotten the Tplink router login password, you have only the one choice left i.e. reset via the reset button

Reset via the reset button– There is a small button given deep inside a pinhole of the router. This reset button is placed in this secure pinhole only to prevent it from getting pressed accidentally and to hide it from unwanted users. What you need to do is just locate this pinhole underneath or back of the router and insert a paper pin or needle into it and push this hard reset button for at least 3 seconds or till the LED display on your Tplink goes off and on.This will indicate that the factory reset has been done successfully and all the data on it has been erased successfully and you can now reconfigure your Tplink router for networking and internet purposes.



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